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Recovery of Wet Materials following a Disaster

Alliance for Response

Resources for Recovery: Post Disaster aid for Cultural Institutions

Hurricane Katrina: first reports from AAM

ICOM's disaster relief for Museums

ICOM's disaster relief
for Museums

ICOM's Museum Education Program

Announcements and synopses of meetings, conferences and current events relevant to this site's purpose.

September 2 , 2005

May 14, 2004

May 16, 2004

Presentations, case studies and other resources related to protecting your collections.

Deals with the importance of building alliances within and between organizations to assist in the event of a collections emergency.

Assistance in developing a collections preparedness & response plan (CollPRP), assessing risks to collections and identifying mitigation strategies.

Guidance for dealing with the immediate aftermath of a collections emergency and steps for salvaging your specimens/artifacts.

Case studies of emergencies affecting various types of collections and the lessons learned during the response and salvage efforts.

Compiled lists of documents, links, and contributor bios found in this Web site.

A compilation of the documents on this Web site.

A compilation of the links found on this site.

A listing of the contributors to this site, with links to biographies.