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Brett D. Eaton
Information and Communications Team Leader
Pentagon Renovation Program
100 Boundary Channel Drive
Arlington, VA 22202
[email protected]


Brett D. Eaton

Brett Eaton is the Information and Communications Team Leader for the Pentagon Renovation Program (PENREN). In this position he is responsible for disseminating information about PENREN to Congress, Department of Defense senior officials, Pentagon tenants, the media and the public. Mr. Eaton serves as the primary spokesperson for the 20-year, $4 billion renovation of the military headquarters of the United States.

In 1997 Mr. Eaton began work for Westat, a research corporation in Rockville, MD. As a research assistant for the computer systems group he handled increasing responsibilities to include writing proposals, computer programming and client assistance. While at Westat, he served various government clients including the Department of Justice, Environmental Protection Agency and National Education Association.

From 1999 to October 2001, Mr. Eaton served as a Communications Specialist for PENREN. As a contractor employed by the architecture and engineering firm 3D/International, he was responsible for keeping the 25,000 employees of the Pentagon informed about the affects of the renovation work. In addition he served as an advisor to the PENREN Program Manager and Deputy Program Manager in all matters relating to public affairs.

In October 2001, he was selected for his current position. Now an employee of Washington Headquarters Service, Mr. Eaton continues to serve PENREN as its primary media relations coordinator and spokesperson. In addition, he is responsible for oversight of the PENREN website, publication of a bi-monthly newsletter, and all materials disseminated to the public.


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