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Richard Gould
Brown University
Department of Anthropology
Box 1921
Providence, RI 02912


Richard Gould

Dr. Richard A. Gould was Asst. Curator of North American Archaeology at the AMNH in 1965-1971, following which he was Professor of Anthropology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and also Consultant to design and install the Wattis Hall of Man at the California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco (which ran from 1976 to 1996). In 1981, Dr. Gould became Professor of Anthropology at Brown University, Providence, RI, where he is today. He has done research as far afield as Australia, Polynesia, northern Finland, and Bermuda and the Dry Tortugas in fields as diverse as ethnoarchaeology and maritime archaeology. This work continues, but, following the events at the World Trade Center, he also organized and led a volunteer team of archaeologists -- now called Forensic Archaeology Recovery (FAR) -- at the WTC and, a year later, at "The Station" Nightclub Fire scene in West Warwick, RI. This work continues, too.


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