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Contents of Emergency Response Back Pack

M.J. Davis
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Description Cost (U.S.D.)
Large diver's duffle bag $50
Hard hat with chin strap $15
Pair of safety goggles $2
Flashlight with batteries $10
Headlamp with batteries $25
1 pair of fire retardant overalls $55
1 pair of rubber boots with steel toe and sole $75
Assorted gloves: fire proof, solvent/acid resistant, household rubber, poly or nitrile, cotton, kayaking mitts $30
Half face respirator with cartridges $35
Disposable dust masks $20
Personal comforts: comb, Handy Wipes, tissues, eye shade for a nap $10
Small hand towel and cotton diapers $5
Bandana $2
Small emergency medical kit, prescription medications $5
Water bottle $5
Hard candy, emergency power food items, electrolyte drink mix $10
1 notebooks with waterproof paper or steno pads $15
Mechanical pencils $10
Magic markers $5
Camera - disposable $10
Tie on labels $5
Mono pod for camera and for feeling the way, possibly a Pack Staff $50
Swiss Army knife $20
Multi-purpose tool $50
Electrical tape $3
Emergency Wheel, Heritage Preservation $5
Duct tape $3
Ball of string $2
Coil of rope--should be able to bear your weight if necessary $20
Space blanket $5
Folding stool $20
Total $597

Additional items to be provided by responder:

  • Personal checks
  • Dollar bills and coins for phone and vending machines
  • Copies of relevant emergency plans
  • Matches, personal emergency contact information
  • Out of state contacts
  • Medical insurance info
  • Identification.

Depending on the nature of the emergency, also include:

  • Two-way radios
  • Cell phone
  • Lap top computer and adapter
  • Food
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag, etc.


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