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Barbara O. Roberts
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When we put out the SOS - Not Them!:
International Planning, Alliances and Response Strategies

Barbara O. Roberts
The Frick Collection, New York


Collaborative projects with the Armed Forces of the United States of America, UNESCO, ICOM, ICCROM and ICOMOS, recent discussions in Hyderabad, India on networking and ongoing talks with the American Red Cross will be presented. The Canary Islands and the Las Palmas "wave" will be used as an example.

"Your country needs you!" Yes... AND we need to set up our response mechanisms for working with others who will wish to help us when our turn comes. The Eastern seaboard of the USA is now living with a known threat that could happen any time and will cause similar destruction to a major West Coast earthquake. The speaker will not discuss the New Madrid fault possibilities.

To be pre-warned is to be forearmed. Mitigation thoughts and response ideas will be requested of the SPNHC Annual Meeting participants.



Courtesy of Heritage Preservation

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